Stall rental

The stall is the visiting card of each exhibitor, regardless of the type of exhibition they attend. For your presence at the Oltenia Trade Fair to be a beneficial one, we offer you the opportunity to choose the type of stall you want, adaptable to the needs of your business.

Furniture rental and electrical installations

Besides the actual construction of the stall, how it is furnished and equipped plays an essential role. We offer you a wide range of furniture suitable for any type of stand, but also the necessary utilities, so that your activity during the exhibition days will run smoothly.

From classic to modern – chairs, tables, desks, shop windows, shelves, cabinets, all can be present in your stall in the shortest time. In addition, the decorations – large prints, meshes, volumetric letters and electrical and sanitary installations – lamps, spotlights, reflectors, electrical panels, plugs will come to complete your needs.

Advertising in the exhibition center

Do you want your message to reach your target audience? By using the advertising services offered, you will have the guarantee that the decision makers involved in the field will identify your business as one of the representative ones.

Regardless of the desired space, banners, flyers, exhibition catalog, represent the key of targeted advertising. Through us, you will have access to advertising, printing and typography services provided at a high quality level.

Distribution of promotional materials (flyers, fair catalog)

Flyers, brochures, catalogs or magazines, presentation materials with promotional offers – all these can be distributed in the exhibition events on the territory of the Multifunctional Center.

Whether you want to be located at the INFO points or distributed by your promoters, the promotional materials will definitely reach the interested persons.

Conference room rental (4 rooms with 100 seats each)

During the Fair, our team offers you assistance and advice regarding the organization of conferences, business meetings, events, trainings, workshops or presentations.

We offer you the four conference rooms of the Multifunctional Center: Nicolae Titulescu, Titu Maiorescu, Marin Sorescu and Adrian Paunescu, have a capacity of 125 seats each and are arranged on the 2nd floor, with foyer for organizing coffee breaks, all in proximity and complementary technical facilities required.

Radio spot broadcasting at the fair station

Whether you are an exhibitor or just want your business to be known throughout the Oltenia Region, during the 3 days of exhibition we offer you the possibility that your promotional spot will be heard by all the participants by broadcasting on the radio station of the Center Multifunctional.


In order for your event to benefit from a better promotion, we offer you a team specialized in hostess services, whose staff is recognized for the excellent communication skills, for the elegance, kindness and professionalism of each event.