About the Oltenia Trade Fair – 2019 edition

The largest exhibition event in Oltenia dedicated to consumer goods and services, the 4th edition, will take place during three days between October 11-13, 2019 in the Craiova Multifunctional Center.

The Oltenia Trade Fair seeks to contribute to the development of the Oltenia region by promoting and highlighting all the commercial activities carried out by the companies and entities that operate in this area.

The Oltenia Trade Fair offers exhibitors the unique opportunity to showcase their products, technologies and development projects.

You will be kept up to date with investments in the field, but also with the latest trends in the industries. During the fair there will be conferences and seminars, presentations and demonstrations especially dedicated to specialist visitors.

The companies present at the fair will offer with promotions throughout the fair, prizes, raffles and discount vouchers. There will be product presentations, tastings and artistic moments that will arouse the interest of the visitors.

The Oltenia Trade Fair is organized by SC PS Multiservices SRL.